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In-Service Center Repair

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Our complete line of in-house repairs and services

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Sunbelt Solomon takes pride in being a one-stop source for all of your transformer repair and maintenance needs. Our technicians possess a wide range of skills and decades of combined experience, making us uniquely equipped to overcome a variety of challenges.

In-House Services

  • Transformer recondition and rewind
  • Switchgear recondition
  • Step-voltage regulator recondition
  • Recloser recondition
  • Oil testing
  • Failure analysis
  • Complete electrical testing
  • Custom modifications

How it Works

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How it starts

Our lifecycle management in-service center repair process starts with our logistics team picking up your units for repair at your location to safely transport them to a service center within our national network.

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Transformer Repair Services

  • The reconditioning process begins by performing electrical testing and visual evaluation of the product.
  • All components that don’t meet our strict quality control standards are repaired or replaced.
  • All needed repairs or modifications are performed.
  • For fluid-filled products, all seals are replaced, and insulating fluid is replaced.
  • The product undergoes final electrical testing.
  • The product receives a new exterior paint job, is prepped with appropriate decals and accessories.
  • The product goes through a mandatory final quality control check before shipment.
loading transformer onto truck

Returning your inventory

After completing final quality control testing, your inventory will be safely brought back to you. From there, our lifecycle management relationship continues, and we pick up your next round of repairs.

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About Sunbelt Solomon

We put it all on the line for you.

With over 100 years of combined experience, Sunbelt Solomon has a history as a market-leading provider to commercial, industrial, and utility customers. With an installed base of nearly half a million pieces of equipment worldwide, we are uniquely positioned to deliver unmatched technical support. Not only that, but our dedication to safety is unmatched. We are proud to say that our TRIR (total recorded injury rate) in 2020 was 1/100, a key industry indicator.

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Substation Transformer


Keep your business running.

Sunbelt Solomon offers a variety of customizable and flexible rental options for substation transformers, switchgear, and other equipment. Whether you need a short-term rental during a maintenance period or a long-term rental solution, you can rely on our team for quick, dependable service.