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Our Expertise

Sunbelt Solomon buys, sells, repairs, rents, recycles, and disposes of transformers, regulators, switchgear, and reclosers.

We are committed to providing reliable service to our utility and industrial customers. Our engineering support, safety & environmental records, and dedication to delivering quality products are unmatched in the industry.

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Our Transformer Switchgear

Circuit breakers are available in Low, Medium, and High voltage configurations as follows:

  • Low Voltage
    • Stand-Alone options from 100 Amp to 5,000 Amp
    • Feeder breakers from 15 Amp (single pole) to 1,200 Amp 3 pole and everything in between
  • Medium Voltage
    • Metal Enclosed
      • Vacuum breakers from 600 – 2,000 Amp
      • Relaying is available for most applications
    • Station Class
      • Vacuum & SF-6 breakers from 600 – 2,000 Amp
      • Relaying is available for most applications
    • High Voltage

SF-6 breakers available from 1,200 to 3,000 Amps with standard relaying

We offer both low and medium voltage distribution as follows:

Low Voltage

  • Low Voltage Distribution Panel and Switchboards are available from 200 – 4,000 Amp
  • These are available with and without main circuit breakers
  • All units are NEMA 3R, suitable for outdoor use
  • All panels are rated up to 600 volts and can be custom configured to meet most feeder requirements
  • Many of our panels are equipped with Cam-Lok connectors to feed the main breaker or bus stack

Medium Voltage

  • Medium Voltage Distribution line-ups are available from 5 kV to 35 kV with and without main disconnects
  • Available with 2 – 6 feeder bays and fusing up to 720 Amps per feeder section

We also have tamper-proof padmounted switchgear available in most common configurations

Medium Voltage Switches

Commonly referred to as metal-enclosed load interrupter switches, Sunbelt Solomon offers 5 – 35 kV Medium Voltage Switches that are fused or non-fused.  All our rental offerings are NEMA 3R and most are equipped with either RBA400 or RBA800 fuse holders.

Transfer Switches

Transfer switches available in both Automatic and Manual from 200 to 4,000 Amp in both low (600 volts and below) and Medium Voltage (up to 15 kV). Our ATS’s are available for various applications such as Utility to Standby Generator, Utility to Utility, and Generator to Generator. All ATS’s are NEMA 3R for outdoor use. We also offer 4 Pole/4 Wire (standard on most ATS’s 1,000 amps +) and Service Entrance Rated ATS’s.

Motor Starters

Low Voltage Offerings from NEMA 1 to NEMA 6.  All our starters are Across the Line combination motor starters with breaker protection in front of the contactor/overload. All starters are in NEMA 3R enclosures for indoor/outdoor use. Medium voltage switchgear offerings rated up to 5 kV at 400 amps – Across the Line.

Oil Circuit Reclosers

From small reclosers on single-phase power lines to large three-phase reclosers for substation transformers, Sunbelt Solomon offers an array of oil circuit reclosers to keep your project functional from start to finish.


A properly installed and functioning sectionalizer can make all the difference, both in the safety of your team and the efficiency of your equipment.

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An unmatched breadth of inventory.

REMAN Products

We restore our REMAN® products and back them with an industry-leading three-year warranty. REMAN products endure extensive testing and reconditioning by specialized technicians before re-entering the field, in order to provide dependable, long-term solutions for our customers.

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New Inventory

Whether per specific requirements on a project or simply preference, Sunbelt Solomon stocks a large inventory of new products for our customers’ convenience.

Related Services

Sell & Recycle

Sunbelt Solomon evaluates and purchases the transformers, parts, and components you no longer need. Our in-house recycling services provide you the peace of mind that your equipment will be responsibly managed throughout your equipment’s life cycle.

Service & Repair

Our skilled engineers and technicians are your first responders- ready to repair, recondition, redesign, or remanufacture electrical equipment through a national footprint of repair shops. Additionally, we offer on-site field maintenance & repair, PCB testing, and field dressing & undressing available 24/7.

Parts & Components

Whether you are assembling a new power application or replacing components for an existing application, we carry both the new and surplus components, switchgear, and other products you need to keep your business going.