Sunbelt Solomon

Our mission

Integrity, bold innovation, and customer-centricity

Developing our Vision

As a large organization, it is our responsibility to maintain ethical practices to ensure a healthier environment. It’s not enough for us to follow laws and environmental regulations. Our goal is to actively work to help make the planet a better place for us all.

In developing our core business values, we engaged in a thoughtful process that incorporated the combined principles of our family of companies and reflects our commitment to valuing our history and investing in our people, services, and products.



Together We Power the Path to a Brighter More Sustainable Future

technician monitoring power plant

Our Core Values

  • People:  The Core of our Success
  • Safety:  It’s in our DNA
  • Strategic:  We forge our own future
  • Sustainability:  Industry leaders in power distribution lifecycle management
  • Performance:  Delivering excellence at every opportunity