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Sunbelt Solomon Sustainability

Ethical management of all materials and supplies

With over 100 years of combined experience, Sunbelt Solomon is an industry leader in power distribution lifecycle management.


As an organization, Sunbelt Solomon has numerous points of pride when it comes to sustainability. These include:

  • Largest rebuilder in the country
  • Recycle roughly 1,000 transformers per day
  • Recycle an estimated 100,000,000 pounds of metal per year
  • Capable of recycling a number of materials including oil, aluminum, copper, and porcelain.
  • 50,000 pieces of equipment
  • Over 100 years experience recycling equipment
  • 1 million gallons of oil reused for our own products

Pounds of Metals Recycled

Metric Tons of CO2 Equivalents Saved

Gallons of Mineral Oil Recycled

Transformer Engineer Technician

List of Certifications and Sustainability Initiatives:

Sunbelt Solomon is proud to hold a number of sustainability certifications and take part in numerous sustainability initiatives. These include:

  • Multiple EPA Certifications
  • Cradle-to-Grave record keeping
  • Partnerships with reputable, licensed providers for PCB treatment
  • Only company that does both large-scale recycling and remanufacturing

Value Proposition

Why sustainability is crucial to our business

As a large organization, we see it as our responsibility to maintain ethical practices in order to help ensure a healthier environment. When people work with us, they know that they’re working with a responsible business that cares about building a sustainable future. That’s why when it comes to both our customers and our suppliers, we stress the importance of adhering to the highest possible ethical standards.

It’s not enough to just follow all laws and environmental regulations, our mission is to actively work to help make the planet a better place for us all.

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How our process works

We work with our customers and suppliers to help ensure responsible sustainability efforts. Sunbelt Solomon is the largest recycler of power and distribution electrical equipment in the United States. We recycle hundreds of thousands of pounds of metals, oils and rare earth elements.

Our team is also able to transport your equipment to our service centers and remanufacture it. This not only helps the environment through re-use, but it also provides a quick turnaround for our customers.