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Electrician power plans and drawings

Our Capabilities

Utilizing an experienced staff and vast inventory to build custom designed solutions

Customers working with Sunbelt Solomon enjoy our full capabilities. As an industry-leading provider of electrical distribution equipment with experienced Engineering Staff, we’re able to design, package, and procure a wide range of power solutions – from simple to complex.

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Our Capabilities

  • Provide complete turnkey packaged products
    Design, Coordination, Packaging, & Delivery
  • Licensed in-house engineers with industry experience
  • Integration fully supported by our Project Management team
    Fast Track – Ability to expedite lead times
  • Project Types
    •  Mobile Substations
    • Job Specific Skid Packages
    • Wind and Solar Farms
    • Emergency and Disaster Relief
  • Stocking thousands of transformers and related equipment

Permanent and Portable Installations

  • Renewable Solutions
    • Wind
    • Solar
  • Oil and Gas
  • Data Centers
  • Crypto-currency Farms
  • Industrial Manufacturing and Processing Facilities
  • Mobile and Portable Substation Solutions
  • A diverse team of Licensed Electrical, Mechanical and Structural Engineers
  • Bridge gaps between EPC & site design requirements
  • Innovative – Utilize industry knowledge to produce product solutions

Industries We Serve

Sunbelt Solomon is proud to offer comprehensive service to businesses in all of the following industries:

How it Works

Our full-service process for bringing you custom solutions



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Step 1.

Contact us Directly

Sunbelt Solomon has a track record of producing great results for customers across a wide variety of industries. With over 100 years of combined experience, we know what it takes to produce lasting success.

Electrician power plans and drawings

Step 2.

Work With Our Engineering Support Team

For custom design services, you’ll be working with our Engineering Staff. They’ll consult with you regarding your specific needs before, during, and after the sale. They’ll put together a design that fits your specific system and equipment requirements, as well as any other needs you may have.

Transformer wire cable connect with copper in electrical power cabinet

Step 3.

Technical Support

Our technical support staff has a wide range of different specialties, with extensive knowledge regarding power system equipment installation, custom design services, field maintenance, and repair. Teaming up with our Field Service crew on yours, they’ll help install, test, or repair any equipment or system you may have, with guarantees of prompt service and successful results.

Benefits of Designing with Sunbelt Solomon

We help customers get the most from their designs


Each of our REMAN products utilizes existing equipment to minimize the production of new materials such as plastic, oil, and porcelain. We test and reuse a wide variety of components and accessories that would otherwise end up in a landfill.


Sunbelt Solomon is confident in the success of every product we provide. It's why we back each piece of equipment 100%, providing an industry-leading 3-year warranty (compared to a baseline 1-year warranty on standard equipment).


For all of your project needs, we keep things simple and streamlined. Sunbelt Solomon will work with you to hold weekly project update meetings, and will also offer real-time cloud access to drawing submittals. We'll also keep a single, primary point of contact for all project needs, including vendor management, logistics, and billing/accounting.

Additional Services

Sell & Recycle

Sunbelt Solomon operates an extensive surplus purchasing department to procure items and materials that customers no longer need.

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Service & Repair

Our trained technicians are available around the clock to diagnose and service all makes of hydraulic and electronic reclosers, switches, sectionalizers, and controls.

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Parts & Components

Looking for parts & components to complement your applications? Sunbelt Solomon can provide a turnkey power solution down to the last coil.

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