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Transformer recycling and disposal

Safely and responsibly disposing of end-of-life electrical distribution equipment

Ethical electrical equipment disposal

Sunbelt Solomon is committed to safe and sustainable practices

Dry Type Transformer


We put it all on the line for you.

With over 100 years of combined experience, Sunbelt Solomon has a history as a market-leading provider to commercial, industrial, and utility customers. With an installed base of nearly half a million pieces of equipment worldwide, we are uniquely positioned to deliver unmatched technical support. Not only that, but our dedication to safety is unmatched. We are proud to say that our TRIR (total recorded injury rate) in 2020 was 1/100, the lowest possible in our industry.

recycling & disposal Benefits

Safely and responsibly retiring your equipment


Sunbelt Solomon offers comprehensive logistics services for all of your recycling and disposal needs. We’ll work with you from the start to properly transport your retired electrical equipment to one of our service centers.


As an EPA-certified recycler, we strictly adhere to all regulations and guidelines when it comes to safely disposing of and recycling equipment.


Sunbelt Solomon offers cradle-to-grave record-keeping on all electrical equipment that we service, maintain, dispose, recycle, or decommission.

How recycling Works

Our process for recycling and disposal

Transformer disassembly line

Step 1.

Contact our service center

Sunbelt Solomon is proud to offer recycling solutions whenever, wherever you need us. With our network of national service centers, we can be at your site quickly to safely provide remove and transport your retired equipment.

loading transformer onto truck

Step 2.

Picking up your equipment

Sunbelt Solomon’s logistics team will come to your site and assist with the transport of your retired electrical distribution equipment. Even in the event of contamination, we can ensure the safe handling and transportation of your equipment back to our service center.

technician monitoring power plant

Step 3.

Record Keeping

Our team keeps a record of all equipment repaired or recycled. We can assist you with all documentation and maintain records in accordance with all local, state, and federal mandates.



Why sustainability is crucial to our business

As a large organization, we see it as our responsibility to maintain ethical practices in order to help ensure a healthier environment. When people work with us, they know that they’re working with a responsible business that cares about building a sustainable future. That’s why when it comes to both our customers and our suppliers, we stress the importance of adhering to the highest possible ethical standards.

It’s not enough to just following all laws and environmental regulations, our mission is to actively work to help make the planet a better place for us all.