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In-Field Maintenance & Service

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  • Inspection and testing of LTC mechanism
  • Carbon cleaning
  • LTC and alignment
  • Parts, gasket and component replacement
  • Check automatic controls and auxiliary equipment
  • Oil replacement

Hot Oil Processing

  • Hot oil circulation and de-hydration of oil and transformer
  • Removal of oil from transformer and holding in tanker during service
  • Vacuum filling of transformer
  • De-gassing of fluid and transformer
  • Envirotemp (FR3) fluid processing

Field Dressing

  • Installation of radiators, bushings, fans, pumps, arresters and connectors
  • Vacuum filling of fluid
  • Acceptance testing

Annual and Routine Maintenance Services

  • Complete transformer testing
  • Complete oil diagnostic services
  • Transformer and accessory inspection
  • Assessment and recommendations

Oil Test Capabilities

  • Gas in oil analysis (DGA)
  • Oil moisture analysis
  • Standard oil quality
  • Oxidation inhibitor
  • Furanic compounds
  • Wear metals
  • Power factor @ 25 and 100 C

Onsite Retrofilling Services

  • Retrofilling of non-PCB oil
  • Retrofilling of Envirotemp (FR3) fluid and maintaining less-flammable classification
  • Retrofilling of silicone fluid

Electrical Testing Capabilities in the Field

  • Doble Power Factor
  • Doble Excitation test
  • Insulation resistance test (Meggar)
  • Winding resistance test
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA)
  • Partial discharge test
  • Turn ratio test
  • CT Testing
  • IR Scan

Transformer Onsite Maintenance

    • High voltage bushing testing and replacement
    • Leak checking and repair
    • Nitrogen blanket recharging
    • Installation of positive pressure nitrogen system
    • Installation of cooling fans and controls
    • Transformer controls troubleshooting, testing and repairs
    • Transformer and LTC control upgrades
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Your authority in transformer testing

The Power Transformer Subcommittee of the IEEE has established standard transformer test procedures. These procedures are defined in the ANSI C57.12.90 for liquid-filled transformers and C57.12.91 for dry-type transformers. General requirements are documented in ANSI C57.12.00 and C57.12.01. Further detail is documented in the NEMA Standards Publication No. TR-1.

After testing your equipment, Sunbelt Solomon provides a detailed results report. These reports provide a baseline for the transformer and should be retained as a reference for future routine maintenance tests, such as TTR and Doble insulation tests. Sunbelt Solomon ensures that our measuring equipment is routinely calibrated to the NIST traceable calibration program.

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Sunbelt Solomon offers a variety of customizable and flexible rental options for substation transformers, switchgear, and other equipment. Whether you need a short-term rental during a maintenance period or a long-term rental solution, you can rely on our team for quick, dependable service.

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With over 100 years of combined experience, Sunbelt Solomon has a history as a market-leading provider to commercial, industrial, and utility customers. With an installed base of nearly half a million pieces of equipment worldwide, we are uniquely positioned to deliver unmatched technical support. Not only that, but our dedication to safety is unmatched. We are proud to say that our TRIR (total recorded injury rate) in 2020 was 1/100, a key industry indicator.

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