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Sunbelt Solomon Safety

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It’s in our DNA

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See where our safety ranks compared to other businesses

We’re proud to share that our team has created one of the safest working environments in our industry.

Our TRIR, or Total Recordable Industry Rate, is currently 1 incident per every 100 workers. The industry average is currently 3 out of 100, meaning that Sunbelt Solomon is, on average, about 3 times safer than your standard operation.

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Why safety is such a priority at Sunbelt Solomon

Let’s face it, Sunbelt Solomon operates within a highly dangerous industry. There are numerous internal components when working with transformers, and each of them presents a significant risk. Without proper precautions, voltages can severely injure or even kill a person.

Because of that immense risk associated with our industry, it’s absolutely critical for Sunbelt Solomon to implement rigorous safety measures that every employee is expected to follow. We prioritize safety so heavily because we can’t afford not to.

When you work with our highly experienced staff, you can expect that you’re not only getting the best when it comes to service and expertise, but also the best in safety and protection.

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How it Works

It isn’t enough for Sunbelt Solomon to simply check all of the boxes when it comes to safety. In addition to an active safety program and a set process that we monitor every single day, we also offer a variety of safety training resources to both employees and contractors. This includes an OSHA 30 hours intensive training practicum, as well as MSHA specific training.