1. OFFER/ACCEPTING THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS. These Purchase Order Terms and Conditions for Purchases of Equipment (“Terms”) apply
to the purchase orders (“Purchase Orders”) issued by Sunbelt Solomon Services, LLC or one of its affiliate companies (“Company”) to the party selling
(“Seller”) the equipment (“Equipment”). These Terms constitute an offer to Seller that can only be accepted by agreeing to every term and condition
contained herein as evidenced by Seller’s signature below. Company hereby expressly notifies Seller that any term, provision, or condition in conflict
with, in addition to, or in modification of these Terms (no matter if issued by Company or Seller (individually a “Party” and collectively the “Parties”)
prior to or after the execution of these Term) are hereby rejected and shall not be binding upon Company unless such term, provision, or condition is
accepted in a signed writing by an authorized officer of Company which references the specific provision of these Terms that is superseded or modified
and specifically references how it supersedes or modifies that specific provision of these Terms, and Company’s failure to object to any term or
condition contained in any communication or documents between the Parties shall not be deemed a waiver of any provision of these Terms