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Welcome to Sunbelt Solomon

A 21st Century Employer with a History of Excellence

Our Values

At the heart of Sunbelt Solomon lies our culture, the force that drives us to ACHIEVE continued success and growth within our company and industry. These values are integral to our workplace dynamic – we motivate one another to uphold the standards that distinguish us as a forward-thinking organization.


What our team says


“I’ve worked for Sunbelt Solomon for 7 years, and have been provided with some really great advancement opportunities during my employment here. Sunbelt Solomon has been very flexible with my military career, affording me the ability to fulfill my obligations without hesitation Anyone looking for a career should consider applying for a position here, even if it’s not what you initially want. We offer excellent opportunities for internal movement and cross-training. Come join a great team that offers competitive wages.”


“I have been working with Sunbelt Solomon for five years. I love working here because every day brings new challenges and opportunities! Being growth-oriented allows for driven individuals like myself and many others to learn, advance, and grow with the company. I recommend working in the Sales department at Sunbelt Solomon if you want a fast-paced work environment that is never boring. If you are looking for a flexible work schedule and are a self driven individual, Sales is a great team to grow with!”

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“I’ve been working with Sunbelt Solomon for one and a half years. I enjoy the collaborative nature of the work and the leadership’s investment in the career development of our workforce. Employees are constantly challenged to contribute to our results-oriented culture rather than just being busy.”



Why sustainability is crucial to our business

As a large organization, we see it as our responsibility to maintain ethical practices in order to help ensure a healthier environment. When people work with us, they know that they’re working with a responsible business that cares about building a sustainable future. That’s why when it comes to both our customers and our suppliers, we stress the importance of adhering to the highest possible ethical standards.

It’s not enough to just following all laws and environmental regulations, our mission is to actively work to help make the planet a better place for us all.

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Why safety is such a priority at Sunbelt Solomon

Let’s face it, Sunbelt Solomon operates within a highly dangerous industry. There are numerous internal components when working with transformers, and each of them presents a significant risk. Without proper precautions, voltages can severely injure or even kill a person.

Because of that immense risk associated with our industry, it’s absolutely critical for Sunbelt Solomon to implement rigorous safety measures that every employee is expected to follow. We prioritize safety so heavily because we can’t afford not to.

When you work with our highly experienced staff, you can expect that you’re not only getting the best when it comes to service and expertise, but also the best in safety and protection.

Our Culture

It’s what makes us unique in our industry.

Despite the vast diversity of knowledge and skill set at Sunbelt Solomon, we all share a few key commonalities as one cohesive team.

Focus on the Customer

In a commodified market, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. Through decades of learning and growing, our team has remained committed to an excellent customer experience by providing quick and dependable service.

Be There, and Be Dependable

Customers across the country rely on the expertise, experience, and availability of our service and inventory—and we take that responsibility seriously.

Make it Easy

With one phone call, Sunbelt Solomon can take care of a customer’s entire scope of needs, from recycling and reclamation to rental products and custom design services.

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Sustainability Solutions

We remain forward thinking, always.

For ambitious candidates seeking a direct hand in building the next generation of power, we’re looking for you. Sustainability and innovation are at the core of what we do, and it’s our goal to never stop getting better at either.

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